Some have contacted me, telling me that I shouldn’t be so open about black women being genetically anal.

I’ve presented what I’ve previously observed to be a common belief among sistas, that they are naturally built for anal pleasure, and in many cases more anal than vaginal pleasure

I’ve noted that many black women feel ashamed of this. Thinking that its sinful

Oddly, most of the negative feedback I have received has been from white females, apparently super concerned that I’m giving racists ammunition to say that black women are inferior.

If black women are naturally built to like anal, then they are inferior to white women who are naturally built to only like vaginal.

Because in their eyes, vaginal sexuality is more “advanced” and so they


This is all in the long tradition of white supremacist thinking, which spans back centuries. White supremacist thinking holds that the White people are inherently superior to black people.

It is additionally the ingrained believe that white behaviors like vaginal sex and female monogamy are superior to black female behaviors of anal sex and female cheating.

They used to present black women as inferior due to their healthy sexual drive which, compared to white women, is more physical and less emotionally based.

To that I say Ok, so what? Exactly what makes a physical sexuality inherently less virtuous or respectable than an emotional one?

But some well-meaning people (including many black people) will focus on denying the factual claim. They try to point out ways that white women are also slutty, and go down this road of disputing the factual claim. Basically because they internally buy into the white supremacist mindset that Too many people are so trapped in the Eurocentric white supremacist mindset they don’t even realize it.

  • Purely physical
  • Low emotion

Way back in the day, the Europeans encountered women that were much

This is no different than the white females “saving” African women from their horrible anal habits. Nevermind that the problem is with the lack of condoms, and not with the chosen sex acts.

This is no different than the white christian women going to Africa to “tame” the savage butt sex crazed African women, with messages primarily pushing

Vaginal sex for centuries held female sexuality in check.

Birth control and condoms seen as sinful because they detached female sex from reproduction. Anal sex seen as sinful for the same reason.

The western culture views purely physical sexual desire by women as sinful

There is nothing inherently wrong with African women’s overt physical lust. This only turns into a bad thing when looking through the filter of Western society.

The Unsexification of “Fudge”

I hate belaboring this point, but the notion that we live in, or are close to, a “post racial” society needs to be killed. Besides the violence inflicted upon black flesh in our nations streets, there are innumerable, and much more insidious assaults to black people and black culture everyday, frequently from white people who believe, themselves, to be beyond race. One fundamentally insulting example of just this kind of clumsy racism comes from popular comedian Amy Schumer, who ridicules black sexuality and black female aesthetics in her parody rap video “Milk, Milk, Lemonade”.
Now, I’m not saying Amy Schumer’s decision to depict things which she clearly detests, as being rooted in black culture necessarily makes her a closet bigot, but in an apparent attempt at satire (perhaps even attempted feminism) the song marches up, down, and all over a thin line of exploitation and racial mockery. The song scorns the celebration of big butts, lampooning the anal eroticism of hip-hop’s big booty culture by pointing out that the booty is a passageway for human waste. The chorus, “Milk, milk, lemonade, ‘round the corner fudge is made” refers to what comes out of a woman’s breasts, vagina, and booty, respectively. As clever as the video may seem in its exploitation of the common children’s rhyme, it is much more problematic in its exploitation of black female sexual dignity for comedic entertainment.
The video features a group of background twerkers, most of whom are black. The lack of racial diversity in this group of dancers proves that Amy has a very clear opinion of what racial group is to blame for booty-obsessed culture, which she seems to pigeonhole as repugnant and intellectually void.

While the rights and wrongs of anal eroticism in relation to African American culture is a topic worthy of discussion, white females like Amy Schumer are absolutely not welcome in such dialogue. And showing black women twerking while repeating lines like “talkin’ ’bout my fudge machine”, “this is where my poop comes”, and “this is what you think is hot?”, essentially arguing that these women are not sexy, is just another unprovoked assault on the racial pride and self-image of black females, particularly those who’s booties (in whatever way) may play a role in their sexuality.

Even the basic physical arrangement of the majority black women dancers in “Milk, Milk, Lemonade” video is telling. For the most part, the twerkers perform behind Amy. The background placement of black women is symbolic of a racial hierarchy in which the white woman dominates the narrative, a very ironic dynamic since as a white woman in a hip-hop video, Amy is the true outsider.

Ultimately, the black women are mere accessories for Amy to use in order to drive her satire home. Just like any prop, placing black women in the backdrop serves to properly set the video’s scene, a setting centered on hip-hop culture. Once that setting is cultivated, the racialized message on booty culture can be delivered.

Amy’s controversial use of black women backup dancers should give you déjà vu; it conjures the condescending image of suburban princess and fellow blonde-Aryan Taylor Swift dressed in stereotypically urban clothing, crawling under a line of twerking black women in her video for “Shake it Off”. Yet, while Swift’s message is that of contrast between the overtly sexual twerkers and her own consistently ‘wholesome’ image, much of Amy Schumer’s comic strategy is actually based on her constructed image as a slut. She is thus, actively participates in the double standard wherein white women like her can be sexual and slutty, yet still not considered distasteful, but insofar as a black woman’s sexuality is at all associated with her anus (which is “where [her] poop comes out” as incessantly driven home throughout the song) she is automatically a sexual deviant, worthy of scorn from ‘righteous’ pussy-sluts like Amy.
Amy’s video is also reminiscent of Lilly Allen’s controversial music video for “Hard Out Here”. Similar to “Milk, Milk, Lemonade”, Lilly’s song is meant to draw attention to the unfair societal standards placed on women but misses the mark with the use of black women bodies as props.

In Lily’s video, black women twerk in revealing clothing, on cars, on Lily, and with champaign being poured on them. The close terminology of “it’s hard out here for a bitch” (the song’s chorus) to Three 6 Mafia’s “it’s hard out here for a pimp” further racializes the video’s narrative, making it seem like the “bitch[es]” Lily is referring to are the ones dancing for her.

But unlike “Hard Out Here”, Amy’s video attempts to justify its use of black bodies by featuring Amber Rose, as if it is okay because a famous slightly black woman celebrity has endorsed it by participating. Amber Rose, however, is nothing more than hip-hop’s walking embodiment of Amy Schumer’s insulting message, openly critical of the booty culture that made her a star, she has come out in opposition to anal sex, and even refused to identify as a black woman entirely.

Despite the abundance of black women present in the video, only Amber Rose is given an opportunity to speak through song. Since Amy is delving into the world of hip-hop and standards of beauty within that industry, it’s even more problematic that the actual black women aren’t able to vocally contribute to that narrative.

The video takes away black women’s right to speak and gives Amy the power to speak for black woman. This transposition into the character of a black woman is evident with Amy’s wearing of braids in one scene of the video. It’s an obvious example of racial mockery and a close cousin of a black face performance. It makes one curious, to what extent does Amy see herself as superior to black culture in general?

Black women’s silence and Amy’s use of mockery and manipulation make “Milk, Milk, Lemonade” a humor failure. Unfortunately, comedy is held to an extremely low standard of tolerance. We’re expected to accept insensitive jokes. We’re expected to believe that comedians are aware of their joke’s absurdity and therefore, “know better” than to believe such absurdity when offstage. But despite comedians’ harmless intent, black women’s exploitation in the name of comedy or satire can’t be tolerated.

Check out the video below and watch the new season of Inside Amy Schumer…or maybe not.

Big Booty Life

It’s funny as a black girl child I wanted my name to be called out in the song, Doing the Butt. Right after Keisha, the singer would say, “Little Fallon got a big ole butt” and I would touch my hands to the floor and shape my non-formed romp in the air like one of those girls. But, like most fairytales—Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella—and black girl hand games—Little Sallie Walker—we read and played as children, the Doing the Butt’s song was teaching us and some scholars like Kyra Gaunt would say scripting us to learn the proper usage of our butts which could never be used without the presence of men. You see, our behinds were the property of men. They were for men’s entertainment both as sexual gratification and as ways to constitute their heterosexual masculine identity, “Yeah son, look at that donk (i.e. a reference to a donkey’s butt) on her I will go hard on it.”

But, I did not know all of this as a black girl child. I just wanted to be called out in the song so I could do my “sexy” butt dance. And so when I hit puberty and I first decided to have anal sex with a boy it made me feel “sexy” like that. In my mind having an objectified booty was an ultimate honor, and  I because it was so common among black girls in my neighborhood I did not question the ethics of it. I did not question if it was right for anal penetration to be just treated as the “regular” or “default” type of sex for me and my fellow black females. Being brainwashed with such ideas that whites propagate as a means to keep the black ghettos disfunctional. I was not prepared for the level of shame I would feel later on when people look at me as just another one of those black women

. Wmy body blossomed into a young woman’s body one who could bear children, I was not prepared for the level of public discussion about my black woman’s butt. I was not prepared for the level of shame that laced trying on pants in department stores. I was not prepared for the sexual assumptions people made about the type of sex I must enjoy because I have a big ole ass, “She must like it from the back.” I was not prepared for the discussion of the ghetto butt vs. the Brazilian butt. I was not prepared for the level of excitement heterosexual men displayed when caressing my behind, “Oooh, I want to smack your ass and watch your whole body move in motion.” To say the least, I was not prepared.

It took me a while to understand that we live in a world that places great value upon women’s body parts and not the woman herself that each body part has a marked value based on the body part’s race, gender, sexuality, culture, proportion, color, texture, religion, and usage. A black woman’s butt which is at the intersection of all the things listed above has always been a sight of objectification and fetish-making tendencies beginning with Saartjie Baartman also known as the Hottentot Venus to people’s obsession with Nikki Minaj’s butt.

I know many reading this blog would say, “Just love who you are and not make this so deep.” And I do love who I am, but I am not naïve about the racialized gendered sexualized politics that are at play when talking about black women’s butts. But, perhaps, I am making this too deep. What do you think?

Black Girls Must Twerk?

By Guest Contributor

“So you’re going to twerk right?” was a common question my sorority sisters and I got when we entered a dance competition this year at our school.

Not too long ago, the university I attend welcomed its first historically black Greek-letter organization. I had the privilege of becoming a member of this sorority and was curious to see how the students of a predominately white university in a wealthy area would receive a historically black organization on its campus.

The university was widely accepting of the sorority; however, as we became more visible on the campus, we experienced much cultural insensitivity.

This year, for the first time, we participated in a sorority dance competition that raises money for charity. During the week leading up to the dance-off, several people approached us asking if we were going to twerk — as if twerking is the only style of dance a black woman can do.

Yes, most of the pleas for us to twerk on stage were jokes—you know, those obnoxious, not so funny, purposefully racist jokes—the same jokes many people shrug off and laugh along with because they are believed to be harmless.

Yet, there is a serious problem when we idly allow people to make ignorant and unacceptable comments, especially those that trivialize issues of class and race. As we read in the article, “Let’s Get Ratchet! Leave Your Privilege at the Door,” also featured on Racialicious, views about twerking employ certain bigoted ideas about poverty and black culture.

These comments and jokes about our sorority twerking relate to the effects of a black woman’s image based on media coverage. With the countless Twerk Team videos on Youtube and the glorifying of a “bad bitch” who can “bend it over and touch her toes” in commercial hip hop lyrics,this style of dance has become a fabricated indicator of “authentic” black womanhood. Essentially, the conversation about the style of dance becomes: all “real” black women can twerk.

This expectation is progressed through the numerous videos of young black women popularizing the dance style online (They aren’t the only ones doing it, but they are a significant majority). On one hand, if a woman chooses to dance sexually that is her choice. However, I find it problematic if her decision to twerk comes from commercial hip hop’s ideas about women (none of which are uplifting) and the songs that accompany the dance, such as French Montana’s “Pop That” and Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” which demand a woman’s complete submission in order to sexually please her male company. Type “twerk” into youtube and you’ll find several young women accepting the sex-object role that the music demands of them. These demands become increasingly problematic when they involve race and gender. Notice that no expectations are placed on men or women of other ethnicities to twerk. People are often shocked when white women do it.

As it is extremely provocative, twerking suggests a lot about black sexuality. As feminist theorist Patricia Hill Collins discusses in Black Sexual Politics, African Americans’ use of their bodies is heavily promoted and celebrated above other abilities, such as intellect.

Maybe that is why there aren’t many stereotypes about black women being smart.

The focus on black bodies is not a new concept. Author Norman Kelly explains in Rhythm and Business that these ideas date back to slavery, when bodies were used to cut sugarcane and harvest tobacco, and raped to produce more bodies for labor. Yet, too much use of the mind was prohibited, as reading was illegal.

This use of bodies, specifically, the focus on what twerking accentuates, a woman’s behind, dates even further back to the 19th century, when Saartjie Baartman first made her appearance in Europe as the freak show Venus Hottentot. People visited the show to gawk and mock her huge behind and peek under her clothing to look at her vagina.

These 19th century views continue to exist in the comments about twerking. When people expect or demand that we twerk, black women are once again reduced to a piece of ass.

Unfortunately, many people of color have adopted some of these external views on black sexuality, as several of the jokes about our sorority twerking came from other African American students on campus. During the preparation for another show, one black student who saw us practicing also asked if we would twerk for our half-time basketball game performance. In asking this, he and other students of color who made similar comments participate in progressing harmful stereotypes of black women. Because this guy’s mind went right to twerking when he heard we were dancing, his views of women how black women should appear on stage have been influenced by disgusting stereotypes of black women in popular culture.

As leaders and promoters of equality, we must amend the incorrectly-deemed “harmless” jokes and comments about black sexuality, as they further the idea that black people are only good for physical activities such as manual labor, dancing, and sex. These jokes suppress ideas about successful black scholars and intellectual leaders.

When these dehumanizing ideas circulate in popular culture, I am concerned about how they affect our self-narratives and self-esteem. Growing up, my friends and I wrestled with what it meant to be authentically black. Our music interest, sense of fashion, and ways of dancing were all influenced by external ideas about black culture that we saw in music videos, on the radio, and from our peers (this was just before Youtube and Twerk Team became popular). As much of my teenaged perception about what “authentic” blackness meant came from BET, where currently Nicki Minaj acts as an updated Venus Hottentot (as much of her brand, appearance, clothing and lyrics point to the same two body parts Europeans gawked over at Baartman’s freak show: her ass and vagina). I eventually had to unlearn a lot of the demeaning ideas of black womanhood I was exposed to. I am still in the process of unlearning.

Calling people out on their rude jokes and comments aids this unlearning process and teaches them about the stereotypes they uphold when they make such comments.

See the link below


Do we black women identify with anal sexuality more than other races?

I simply think it is not right that we as black women are shamed for our anal sexuality.

The key is that we use protection. Your man needs to wrap that thing up.

Without getting too much into some things that are considered stereotypes. Although this isn’t most men. But most us sistas have dated a few brothas that really have a beast down there. I once dated a 11″ brotha. I have to say that it is all about what you are comfortable with. That brotha with the 11″ was long, but with plenty of lube, he could make by booty feel like no other! shit! Nevertheless, there was another dude who was only about 8″ but very thick around. That shit was too much! I be makin excuses to not have sex, or tell him, sorry, you gonna have to fuck my pussy, cuz my ass aint gonna take that shit!


Like a lot of black couples, we choose to mostly have anal. I know a lot of yall sistas don’t want to admit this but I am not ashamed of it. My man likes my booty and it feels good. But

I think like a lot of sistas, I would be more willing to fuck a really big dick for a one-time stand, just because the way i figure it is that my booty can stretch for one time fine, but for a steady boyfriend, i don’t think i could handle it every day.

Does Anal Sex Make Your Booty Bigger?


When you look around many sistas that have big booties are having the most anal sex. Women have been paying attention to this for centuries and there are many scientific reasons anal sex will increase the size of your booty.

Reasons Anal Sex Make the Booty Bigger

Semen Has Protiens 

When you have anal sex you get semen (i.e. cum) in your booty and it has lots of proteins in it. Protiens are what make your body grow (i.e. meat on your bones). What I am talking about is muscle. A big booty has a neccessity to have more than just fat because the criteria for a good booty is that it should have a lot of muscle to. When the semen goes in during sex the protien can grow the size of your booty but you have to recognize and make sure you are aware that you might not be able to grow your booty if you dont keep it in. Basically i’m saying you cant shit it out too early because you have to keep it in for awile. If you dont do what I am saying and you shit out the semen to early the semen wont be able to get absorbed by the body. The longer you try to hold the semen in yuor ass that means the more you going to let it grow your booty.


Another waythe you can receive a bigger booty via anal sex is because twerking is a good excercise for you booty muscles (i.e. gluteus maximus). If you feel absolutely tired and also you possibly get really sweaty during booty sex its because you possibly are twerking very hard and twerking is a good excercise because it works you booty muscles and also your heart which is known to be a muscle. This means it is cardio and cardio is good for your heart and can make you look good to.

Cushin for the Pushin

If your going hard in the ass and he is bangin hard against your booty cheeks. If you aint got any booty at all at first it will hurt your ass if your ass is bony or flat at first but your body is gon to adapt to the stimulation of that kind of sex and it knows it needs to grow your booty cheeks to be bigger. At first your going to have a small booty but if you have lots of anal sex your booty cheeks will at first become a little bit swollen up from the sexual intercourse. But then the swelling will go away and it will make your booty a little bigger and it will be better at rough sex. What I mean is cushin for the pushin and everybody knows that this makes anal sex better in many facets. A bigger booty is better for cushin for the pushin and is hence better for both you and your man because it is well knoen that brothas ideally like a bigger booty for anal sex.

Bigger Penis

There are reasons that when your man has a bigger dick (i.e. penis) that when you have anal sex it will make your booty bigger. It is sometimes thought that this is why black females have bigger bootys because white females have sex with white men and white men will often have not as large of a penis as a black men. And also many of the white women that you see dating a black man these white women clearly can often have bigger bootys than most white women. Here are some reasons that having anal sex with a bigger penis can possibly make your booty bigger. First if a bigger dick is in you ass it means that there is a possibility that this man will produce a large quantity of semen in your booty which I explained before can make your booty grow because it has protiens in it. If you get a lot of semen in your ass because your man has a big dick then there is more protien to make your booty grow bigger. Second is that a big dick will make your booty get worked harder and if it is hard to take in your ass and it goes too far in your booty can adapt to make it a deeper hole (what i mean is your booty stick out more so that a longer dick can make it all the way in without reaching the end).


Are Black Women’s Butts Built for Anal?

The other day I was talking to a white man about sex in general, and the fact that I love anal sex came out. Surprisingly though, he seemed to react as though this made sense for my race. Now, at first I felt like I should have been upset by this, but then again

Anal sex is a mainstream sex act among young black folks, and especially if a girls got ab big booty you know her man wont to tap that.

The statistics say that black folks in Africa are hittin the booty at a very high rate.


Today has been one of those trying days where I recognize energy stealers are definitely unintentional. Woke up with the intention of being productive and was bombarded with drama that wasn’t my own. Sometimes it’s best to sit quietly and block out everything. This mat is my gateway to connectedness #center  #zen  #grounded  #meditation

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